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What’s driving Connected Car? 3/3

Realization of big automotive project is expected through next decade. It will change vehicles from isolated to interactive, connected and safer. Those improvements of intelligent transportation system aims for better trip security, higher global efficiency of the transportation system by reducing travel time and congestion, reducing gas emissions and providing set of information, decision support, guidance, Internet access, and comfort for user. There are numerous advantages of Connected Car, but what about cons?

Cybersecurity problems

Enabling cars to integrate with smart devices such as phones, watches or ubiquitous services creates risks. There are few motivation reasons for attacking cars. It could be reading or maybe selling more and more complicated automotive systems and software codes, sabotaging competitor, organization or connected car itself. Last one is particularly important for users because they can be threatened as well as their personal data. In 2015., two hacking experts, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, made experiment about automotive safety. They have hacked of a Jeep Cherokee with a code that send commands to Jeep’s dashboard, breaks and even radio. Luckily, experiment wasn’t life-threatening and was just part of their research that can contribute in building safety standards.

Two problems stand out in securing car as much as possible. How to insure security software to stay safe during whole car’s life cycle without need of withdrawal because of updates? And secondly, how to build own cybersecurity capability because a lot automakers don’t have it and should integrate it into their corporate structures?

Illustration 1: Connected Car Cybersecurity

…and solutions

One of the solutions is safety in the cloud, whereby current software and hacking battles will be controlled by observation all activities. That means monitoring data usage both intruders and legitimate customers and noticing their behavior patterns. That way, all unnaturally and unknown behavior will be considered as threat. It would be possible to learn how attacker struck, preventing new ones and improving its weaknesses. Old IT defense system has flaws that it can’t handle complexity of today’s technologies, data sizes nor can identify suspicious activity before it is too late. Except for evident faster reaction to threats, additional advantage in cloud system represents mandatory identification of each user, wherefore hackers could be detected through geolocation, places they go, things they do, etc. Likewise, access to multiple sources for information about attackers is opened, which means companies should help each other. Above all, this is also cheaper option.

Cars consist of many digital systems that makes it vulnerable. Therefore, cybersecurity is tool critical to the success of the connected car and one companies will compete with. Few attacks have already happened where hackers took control over vehicle functions and made problems for the driver. Technology companies are beginning to realize that there is wealth of data that needs to be secured and started to take first steps. Benefit from cybersecurity is not only safe service but gaining customers trust.

Illustration 2: Consider for yourself

Pro et contra – see for yourself

In addition to cybersecurity is human willingness to share personal data. Although, Ted Talks still don’t cover Connected Car topics as they could, in 2013., Jennifer Healey talked about this problem. She shared her experience with car accident on a highway. She explained that 75% of car accidents are not caused because of alcohol or drug but because of human incapability to follow all directions with their eyes on which they can only rely on. Computers may not yet be better drivers than humans, but four years ago, she liked the idea where cars can communicate among each other and make accidents avoidable and she was right. Connected Cars not only react on incoming danger, they soften dangerous situations by predicting driving course. For Jennifer Healey people shouldn’t fully trust own ability and sharing data shouldn’t be obstacle to safer driving.

Many will say that new features can distract drivers. That there is too many possibilities that are complicated and overloading. In first part of this brief article series, we wrote about that possibilities. Potential of connected car network is almost limitless. It will be integrated system that uses real time data to optimize personal mobility on a massive scale without hassle for travelers.

Connected Cars are technology that will merge millions of individual vehicles into a single system called Internet of Things. Real question is, are you willing to be part of it?

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