Meet TinyO – Connected Car platform

Illustration 1: TinyO development boards

Wide variety of everyday devices got labeled smart, yet cars stayed on the margin when it comes to technological integration. Just recently, the world is infatuated with Connected Car  and its possibilities. In addition, car enthusiasts sometimes can’t resist the urge to make a few advances to join Connected Car.  Fresh board extension that enables exactly that is TinyO.

The platform for Connected Car 

TinyO delivers development platform for building Connected Car software, including but not limited to standalone, diagnostic and data mining usage. TinyO connects most popular development boards with vehicles board computers. Examples of compatible boards are BeagleBone Black and Raspberry PI. Depending on the selected base board, user has a choice of exposing the API through integrated or add-on external interfaces, such as USB, Bluetooth, WiFi or GSM.


TinyO provides number of useful examples which can be easily employed to start building your own prototypes. This will drastically shorten creation time of MVPs (Minimum Viable Product) as well. That is one of the largest benefits TinyO brings for the system designers and developers. Provided set of hardware devices and components together with accompanying software tools and documentation are carefully crafted to get you started as quickly as possible.

“TinyO provides a physical hardware Raspi3/BBB/Arduino add-on (shield) connection to OBD2  port on your car, so that you will be able to develop your own Connected Car software.” 

Illustration 2: TinyO Beagle Bone Black Shield


The key is independence

TinyO aims for independence from existing solutions that are, likely to be, deprived from additional possibilities CAN bus interface offer and people are striving for. TinyO offers unlimited set of possibilities by providing the basic characteristic of communication with the CAN bus without any restrictions. This can be done by testing the codes and simply listening in data flow on this vehicle information highway. And we find it most suitable for rapid development and concept verification.

Main objective is making application prototyping became much easier, lowering the need to quickly ramp up and adopt variety of new knowledge. Technology should move to be our extension so it is natural to do so in familiar and adopted way. TinyO’s progressive nature lies in ability to connect to expanding universe of Internet of Things. Furthermore, we are joining a huge emerging ecosystem that will be devoted to the development of user software in the domain of automotive industry and different vehicles. This device is aiming to help you build your innovation and show your excellence to everyone.


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