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Market available Connected Car systems

Connected Car paradigm increasingly gets into focus of the many involved industries. Also, it gives rise to variety of platforms and devices which aim to enable and support diverse functionalities. Currently one can find many different proprietary and open source based solutions ranging from standalone OBD reader dongles to integrated systems doing heavy lifting at the traditional service backends, comfortably…

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What’s driving the Connected Car? 1/3

The Connected Car is currently one of the hot topics in the automotive industry. It is no longer an option but our our reality and drivers are having strong coherence with their cars. In next few articles we will introduce you with connected vehicles, it’s features, fears and future expetations. Development of Connected Car Companies from outside traditional automotive base…

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OBDII diagnostic codes

In order to get familiar with CANBus and OBD standard it is essential to understand underlying data formats and protocols. Covering this topic in detail and depth can take much time, especially when all possible variations of manufacturer specific or otherwise proprietary get taken into account. However, good news is that one doesn’t necessarily need to go to that lengths…

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Connected car industry

New technologies integrated in car undoubtedly changes driving experience and automotive industry is adopting to new requests collaborating together.¬†At the same time, it started a race between manufacturers, software companies and suppliers and all other ecosystem participant. That will, hopefully, contribute with more exquisitely products. Even at this very moment new models with connected car specifications are coming out of…

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Development platform: BeagleBone Black

BeagleBoard (BB) family of products offer low-power open-source hardware single-board computers. They are gathered around general purpose ARM based Texas Instruments OMAP system-on-a-chip solutions. As with many similar products, initial intent was to create device which would provide educational value to the users. Made with open source in mind, it is marketed under Creative Commons share-alike license. Highly capable variant…

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