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What’s driving the Connected Car? 1/3

The Connected Car is currently one of the hot topics in the automotive industry. It is no longer an option but our our reality and drivers are having strong coherence with their cars. In next few articles we will introduce you with connected vehicles, it’s features, fears and future expetations.
Development of Connected Car

Companies from outside traditional automotive base are also joining in providing new digital technologies and automotive systems. The truth is, drivers are using Connected Car ‘activities’ for a long time now. Problem is that they are not fully aware of that.

A lot of you experienced that good friend calls to warn if there is traffic jam or accident somewhere. Some people are telephoning during driving (sometime careless, unfortunately). Map apps nowday became unavoidable to find right destination. Without compromising drivers safety, Connected Car is doing all of that and even more, improving efficiency on the road.

But how can we define the Connected Car? Simply put, it’s a car with ability to communicate with driver, other vehicles and outside world. Intelligent vehicle enables different devices to connect. It has access to the Internet and a variety of sensors, it can send and receive signals. It can even interact within the car or networks or services outside the car.

However, at its very beginning, things were pretty much simplier. In 1996., motivated by unreliable cellular voice connections at the time, General Motors cooperating with Motorola Automotive brought out OnStar for three Cadillac models. The idea was safe emergency help product that sends call when there is an accident. That call was later replaced with data able to send GPS location of the car.

Illustration1: Intelligent vehicle

In 2001. same corporation provided remote diagnostics and in 2003. in-vehicle security, turn-by-turn directions and network access device. From humble beginnings, throughout the years, cars became little helper for driver to make safer decisions by supplying him with information. Further developments resulted with cars connectivity to smartphones, which enables them access to car infotainment system. This new options are offering apps use for navigation, parking search, voice commands or even unlocking car from distance.

Connected Car features

We are usualy dividing Connected car features in few categories and all of them are contributing quality of car use: safety, infotainment, diagnostics efficiency and navigation.
– When it comes to safety, OnStar is pioneer in road side assistance, preventing injuries and collisions by contacting agents in dangerous situations or accidents.

– Difference between listening to the radio and connecting your smartphone to the car is in music. Technology went step further and even developed application that plays music depending on drivers mood. It is extremely hard to watch at the display, type, stay focused on driving or hold phone with shoulders trying not to drop it. Controls and talking are now hands-free and unit will respond to voice commands even offering restaurants or gas stations depending on drivers needs. This way, nothing distracs drivers attention. That will hopefully reduce number of faults that may occur due to inobservance.

– Automobile diagnostics respects better safe than sorry principles alerting driver to make servicing, sharing health reports or predicting prognostics. This way visits to car mechanic are more productive and cheaper.

– Old fashioned navigation is now improved with real time traffic and weather. This guidance that can significantly reduce travel time via real-time predictive assessment of travel times on all routes.

It is important to emphasize that some of this characteristics work in late model cars as same as in brand new. There are many aftermarket solutions for in-dash systems, Bluetooth and navigation that you can implement as same as technologies that appears every year. Although nowdays vehicle owner is enhanced to be in control of different parameters of his car, connected car still doesn’t meet all customer needs. Futhermore, we are constantly reminding consumers of benefits of the Connected car. Only that way they will understand why it is so valuable.


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